About mE


It's funny how in life's lowest moments, we have the greatest clarity. It was 1998 and I was at the top of my professional game in sales. In three short years I had raced up the financial ladder like an Olympian. My phone stayed hot as the firms bid for my services! 'Yes, this is it! I'm on my way to the top," These were my thoughts. Then, like a great action movie the script flipped. In the blink of an eye everything took a turn for the worst. First my health took a nosedive and my career was to follow. My resources depleted and financial security was no longer mine. In the valley of tragedy, a storm of bitterness, and uncertainties poured down. I was all alone and clawing at the side of  survival mountain.  

 Like any storm, the winds calmed and the rain seized but I was different. I set out to rebuild focusing solely on being the best role model I could be for my daughter so I started taking development classes. Now as the eldest sibling and member of my generation I knew I had a special way with children but I learned that it is my calling.  Class after class I fell in love with learning all the stages children develop through. Milestone after milestone we grew together and my journey in the professional realm of teaching and education began. Today, I stand in Gods call to action over my life with nearly 20 years of experience behind me.

I've been blessed to work with children from infancy to adolescents and to mentor teachers and administrators alike. I have developed programs which empower students to strive towards their greatest potential.  I have am committed to creating courses that excite teachers and enable them to flourish. I've worked on committees that create change in our communities and I've stood in the gap for children without a voice.

My eldest student is now a successful entrepreneur with multiple honors and achievements to her account and my youngest are those yet to be born that will be exceptional scholars, talented beyond measure and all determined to pass the torch to other students with big dreams for the future.

And so, I continue........

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