Live Your Dream

With so many beautiful dreams that we all have about tomorrow, how could we become discouraged? Let me share a wonderful poem with you all from Chicken Soup for the Soul IV that embraces our challenges and reminds us to LIVE out our DREAMS!


"After birth we are hurled, into an ever changing world. We live our lives, we learn to love, and are granted dreams from up above.  

But as we grow, we learn to see, we're living in reality. With talents squandered, forgotten dreams, the world's a scary place, it seems. 

For people don't always learn to fly. They lose theirs dreams, and let them die. Their favorite things, that they do best are lost, forgotten, laid to rest. 

From this, we can all learn to keep our treasurers near, not buried deep. Our fiercest loves, and great desires are in our souls, our inner fires. 

If you love music, learn to play. Or if it's art, then draw each day. What ever you have the dream to do, once it's found, keep it with you. 

You'll meet with failure and stop to cry, but you can do it if you try. For the world will look so much more bright, if you keep your dreams in sight."         - Katie Hays